Percentage of U.S. residents with up-to-date screening for colorectal cancer remains at 60% - what options, other than colonoscopy, do we have?

From the NEJM:

The percentage of U.S. residents with up-to-date screening for colorectal cancer has not increased appreciably since 2010 and remains at approximately 60%. To achieve the highest level of adherence to colorectal cancer screening, it may be best to provide participants a choice, because the “best” strategy is the one that they will adhere to consistently.

The NEJM reviews all the options in this table:

Full article is here:

Screening for Colorectal Neoplasia - Now@NEJM

Physician ratings at Cleveland Clinic (video)

The CEO and the Chief Experience Officer explain the rationale behind the physician ratings at Cleveland Clinic:

Disclaimer: I am an allergist at Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Problem solver

From Italian: Pedro and Domenico jump, but Oreste thinks about it a bit... and finds another solution.
#donkey #problemsolving


This little video even made it to Daily Mail: Donkey shows off his brains by using his TEETH to remove a fence

Gadgets Galore - Best of CES 2017

From WSJ: As the tech world reveals the products that will impact the year ahead, Personal Tech columnists Geoffrey A. Fowler and Joanna Stern hunt for the most exciting and unusual, from AR glasses to breast pumps (video is below):

Minutes Count in the Cleveland Clinic Florida Emergency Room: Patient Story

"A Florida woman is rushed to the emergency room with life-threatening injuries and only minutes to live. Experience her story as the Cleveland Clinic Florida Emergency Department team springs into action to save her":

Disclaimer: I work at Cleveland Clinic Florida, but I am not paid for this post.

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